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Would you like to make conversations less difficult, and more successful? As a creative leader, would you like to help others to feel, think, and act differently, without accidentally hurting someone’s feelings?

Conversation Strategies

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Reba Herder’s

There is hope. It’™s not your fault that some of your conversations implode. It’s not your fault that sometimes you want to scream, or shake someone. 

Conversation Strategies will help you figure out why some conversations are so painful, and what you can do to make them better.  

The Nine Arts of Healthy Conversation are complete enough to be meaningful, and simple enough to remember. They will help you know which skills to build on, which skills you need to develop, and how to teach others the art of healthy conversations.

This little bit of knowledge can help you grow more and more satisfied with less and less frustration. You’ll get the support you need to comfortably deal with the tension of being your best self, when others aren’t.

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